Dynamic choreography in “Lonely Hunter” energetically turns the perspectives upside down along with Brzoska’s fantastic music

Ingela Brovik, Danstidningen

the lonely hunter

Lonely Hunter speaks of isolation and our ability to project on another whatever we need from them at any given moment. How we see each other in our own image of them. This all led to a simple theme, the individual versus the group. My first collaboration with David Hernandez was an extremely inspiring and valuable one.

Choreographer: David Hernandez

Composer: Szymon Brzóska

Set design and costume design: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin

Light design: Natasha Chivers

Performed by Skånes Dansteater and Malmö Opera Orchestra

Conductor: Alice Farnham

Skånes Dansteater, Malmo 2018