Szymon Brzóska’s work explores synergy between music, movement, and image. Composer's particular interest has led him to participate in many collaborative projects across various art forms. 

His musical language can be placed somewhere between contemporary avant-garde and expanded tonality with a touch of minimalism, yet is deeply rooted in the very tradition of the classical music.

Through his music, Szymon creates a world of diverse colours, specific atmospheres, intimate and personal emotions and conditions of the mind. 

Next to his autonomous work, Szymon Brzóska has an established career in creating music for dance. He worked with many award-winning choreographers (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, David Dawson, Maria Pages, Vladimir Malakhov), acclaimed orchestras (Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden, Holland Symfonia) and reputable dance companies (Het Nationale Ballet, Semperoper Ballett, Cedar Lake Company, Eastman). His compositions have been performed many times over in numerous prestigious dance venues and festivals across the world, such as Sydney Opera House, the Avignon Festival, and BAM New York, to name a few.

Photo by Magdalena Madaj

Photo by Magdalena Madaj

“From far behind Szymon Brzóska’s music sounds melodious, sweet and rhythmically accentuated, at times reserved and almost cool. It comes as no surprise that he has also composed film music – a good soundtrack adapts itself to the plot so that the viewer senses rather than hears it. In some ways Brzóska is the perfect composer for modern dance.”

 Mike Dixon, Ballettanz.